I often hear this question from angry and frustrated wives and girlfriends. I often hear things like: “This is so ridiculous. He continues to deny his affair and be secretive even though I have caught him with so many lies and make no secret of my suspensions. looks like a foolish liar when he does it? ” There are several reasons that a man will lie and keep the deception going. I will discuss some of the more common reasons in the following article.

He’s Keeping The Affair A Secret Because He’s Not Willing To Stop The Cheating Behavior And He Does not Want To Face The Consequences: This is overwhelmingly the most common reason that people will continue to lie even though their lies are becoming more and more obvious all of the time. They will keep right on lying because they know that once they admit to the affair, they are then going to be forced to either make a choice or to deal with the consequences of their actions.

They suspect that you are either going to leave them, make them stop seeing the other person, or make their life very uncomfortable in the near future. They likely do not want for any of these things to happen. They want to continue on having the best of both worlds. They basically do not have any incentive or reason to tell you the truth because once they do, everything that they are doing right now must come to a stop. If they wanted for this to happen, they would have either come clean, broken it off with you, or stopped the affair. But, since none of these things have happened, it’s a reliably safe bet that they are not yet ready to stop with the games.

Women will often ask me things like: “If he’s having an affair, then he obviously doesn’t want to be with me. a day? ” The answer to this often lies with the fact that he does not want to end his marriage or his relationship. He very often does not want to be with the other person full time or in lieu of you. He’s often having some sort of personal issue that he is trying to work through. And, he perceives that he needs to do this on his own. And, sometimes, he’s not yet ready to give her up or feels that his relationship with her has not yet run it’s course so that he can make a decent decision.

He Might Keep The Affair A Secret Because He Does not Want to Hurt You And He Does not Want You To You There is a certain subset of men who really believe that they still love their wive or girlfriend. In their own mind, the affair does not really mean anything and so there is no reason for you to be hurt by it. Also, they know that if you learn of the affair, that they will need to explain why they did this. They often know that they will not have the answers that are going to help or satisfy you and so they would rather avoid this altogether.

Many men cheat as the result of some personal crisis or issue. Perhaps they are having doubts about their own attractiveness or they’ve become bored with themselves. Sometimes they do not plan to have an affair but they do so as a means to work through this vulnerability. This embarrasses and shames them and they are often quite regretful that they took this action. They often see this as something that they never want to have to explain and they know that there is no real defense. Thus, they need to keep lying to avoid having to provide answers.

You Do Not Have To Listen To Or Believe Their Lies If You Really Want To Know The Truth: I often see couples get stuck in a very destructive but repetitive cycle. She knows that he is cheating and he knows that she knows. But, they keep right on repeating the same scenario because she never really demands the truth in a way that is believable. It’s sort of unspoken understanding between them that, so long as there’s no real proof, they’re going to keep right on in this same and frustrating way.

The thing is, you really do not have to continue on. You can catch him and get proof if this is what you want to do. There are so many systems that allow you to check up on them and get the evidence that you need. These things are often not expensive and are pretty straightforward. And once you show him this evidence, then this whole thing is really over. Sometimes, I feel that people really do not want to come face to face with the truth. It’s sometimes easier to just continue on with the “safe” lie, even though this is frustrating and hurtful.

Source by Seeta Dean