What many men do not realize is that there are many simple ways to instantly make yourself more attractive to the women you desire. If you listen closely, I am going to share some of the lessons I have learned. I guarantee if you apply these things you will be more effective at getting dates with beautiful, sexy women.

The first important thing to note here is this: Attraction is NOT a choice for Women .. they do not decide who they feel attracted to. What do I mean? Well, think about this … Imagine you’re walking down the street and you see the most stunning, beautiful girl. Long curly hair, busty, she has a smile that melts metal. Within an instant – you are attracted to her. You do not take 5 minutes to think logically about the pros and cons. You are either attracted to her instantly or you’re not! You do not have a choice in the matter.

Well, it is the same for women.

And the good news for us guys is that Women’s brains are not wired the same way as ours – so our physical outward appearance does not matter as much as other things which I will talk about. I have learned several simple methods through a course I got hold of called ‘The Art of Approaching Women’, which I will tell you about later.

Have you ever noticed drop-dead gorgeous women in the arms of a guy that looks pretty average appearance-wise? There is a reason why the girl is attracted to him, and it’s clearly not his appearance – and you can create the same attraction with women as well.

One of the largest lessons I learned about attracting women was the correct use of Body Language. It has been proved through various studies that women can read subtle body language TEN TIMES better than men! So if you’re body language is saying that you’re not comfortable, not confident and not happy then you’re going to turn women off instantly.

Here’s a simple thing to do that will increase your success ten-fold, and not just with women but many situations in life. Improve your posture. Instead of slouching all the time, hold your head up high. Do not look at the ground. Move your shoulders back. Straighten your back out. Walk around with confidence. Girls will notice it – believe me. I was amazed at how many sideways looks I got when I changed this one thing. It really does work. Women like confident guys, it’s just a fact.

Another simple way of increasing attraction for women is reviewing how you dress. This is another vital component of Body Language. You see – girls notice the small details. You score big points when your shoes, pants, and shirt complement each other. You score is then multiplied by ten if you have a nice smelling, but subtitled cologne on. If you need help getting this dress code right – ask one of your girl mates for help. They’ll be flattered to give you some advice and it will help you!

There are dozens of other small improvements you can make which will dramatically improve your results with women, and not just body language. I have learned many of them through a course I have taken called ‘The Art of Approaching Women’.

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Source by Sean M Williams