With the news coverage of the numerous celebrities caught cheating on their wives, maybe you are a little apprehensive about your relationship. He still pays attention to you, just not as much as when you first got together. Maybe, he tells you that he has to stay later at work or when you are together he is always stepping away, for work, of course, to talk his cell phone.

One way to look for signs cheating is to look at his cell phone to see who he is talking to. All cell phones have a memory where it will remember the past numbers in the history area. Any number in the history will have a name associated with it. None he used code names you can see any female names in the history area. The numbers without a name will be listed too. If there is no name then the number is not in its cell phones address book. These can be important numbers to figure out who they belong to.

With the valance of text messaging, there are always records of who he is calling. Look at Tiger Woods. He was constantly texting his many mistresses up to the time he got eaten by his wife. He was even texting messages that his wife suspected and that he had to keep a lower profile with them. But she still caught the cheater.

There is a way to easily find out who he is talking to or texting. It is important to jot down any number you suspect from his cell phone. Also, jot down a name and number you are unsure about. Armed with this data you can go to a site on the internet where you can search for the owner of a cell phone number. This is called a reverse cell phone number lookup.

With the numbers in hand navigate to the reverse cell phone lookup and you are going to enter a number into the search box. You will then be told if the information is in the reverse lookup’s database. A few numbers might not be in the database. But you will be told before doing a full search. If the number is there you will have the option of obtaining the information which will include the name of the cell phone user and their billing address. In some cases, you can receive additional information like their home phone number.

The services are not free, though they are pretty inexpensive. For a few dollars you can accurately find out who he is talking to and you can then either confront him with the information you have discovered or you can call the person directly. This will catch a cheater off guard and you will find out once and for all whether he is cheating on you. For your peace of mind, and even though you might initially be upset if it does prove he is cheating, you can confront your cabin and have the upper hand over him.

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Source by Chris Sandler