So it’s great that we have amazing dating apps like Truly Madly Deeply and Tinder for making the dating game easy and successful for singles, but then it’s equally confusing on different parameters. Come to think of it, don’t you agree the rocket science thingie called ‘how-to-approach-a-girl-subtly’ or ‘how-to-impress-a-woman’ still remains complicated?

You bet it is; especially when you are using an app where you just have one line to sound cool and intelligent and one picture to make you look fabulous.

There are times when you post the most amazing selfie from your gallery as your profile picture and it doesn’t do the magic, or you try the finest (or stereotypical mushy) pick-up line and it backfires disastrously. How do you figure out what works with a woman and what doesn’t? What a girl looks for while using an app like Tinder? Don’t get into thinking mode coz we managed to get the answer from the horse’s mouth.

A video posted by Sortedd titled Girls Give Tinder Dating Advice covers everything about what a woman likes and wants or doesn’t want to hear/see etc while dating through Tinder and the responses are as brutally honest as they can get! A must watch for all guys with (or without) Tinder profile. Also, once you are done watching the video, do check out the comments, they are equally interesting!

Video Courtesy: Sortedd 

Still want to be on Tinder? (*wink*)