There are plenty of women who agree that when you flirt with a guy who is obviously unavailable, it makes you feel really good and “safe” as there is no pressure of any kind that will put you on the spot! If you would like to have a bit of fun and flirt with the guy who is married then take a look at these tips.

Don’t get too intense and serious about it

It is important to remember that you should not try to ruin his marriage or try to come in the way. If you are out to just have fun for that evening then a little harmless flirting should not get you into any trouble. Make sure that when you flirt with him your intentions are just to feel good and make him feel good too!

Use silly pick up lines and make him feel comfortable

Don’t try to lock eyes with him instantly or try to make him feel uncomfortable in any way. The fact that he is married will make him cautious and wary of a woman who seems to want to get serious with him! Instead concentrate on being friendly and make him relax in your company.

Bat your lashes at him and make him feel sexy

Whether he is married or not, he will love to know that you find him good looking and sexy! Batting your lashes at him and doing some hair flips will make him aware of the fact that you are subtly flirting with him. This will make him feel great especially knowing that he still has the power to attract women.

Smile at him coyly and make him feel good about himself

In the same way, coy smiles and innuendos will give him the idea that you like what you see! It is easy for you to flirt with him because you know that he is married and thus you don’t have to take it any further! He is bound to be flattered at the attention he is getting from you.

Make interesting conversation and be witty

Be yourself and as charming as you can be without having to wonder if he is going to be put off by your behavior! You have nothing to lose and for once you can act silly and funny with a man you are flirting with! As long as you can hold his attention and make him enjoy your company, he will be drawn towards you.

Don’t overdo it – remember he is married and you could be wasting time

If you overdo the flirting and make him embarrassed, he could switch off and move away from you because you have put him on the spot. Being married, he will have to be handled in a subtle and sensitive manner. Being too bold about it will frighten him off and he will stay away from you.

Make sure that your flirting is superficial and for the moment

Before you flirt with him remember that he is already hitched and your flirting tactics could be a complete waste of your time. He may never want to leave his lovely wife and family, so don’t get too involved in any way. Just have a good time and if you can bring that sparkle into his eye by smiling at him – go ahead!

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