Nothing much has been said or written about the platonic relationship between a father and a son. And, I suppose it is because a lot is unsaid but just expressed through actions between any father and son. No matter how much people do not talk about this relationship, yet it has explainable but simple tenderness about it.

Books, movies, TV series, and other forms of art have rarely captured the true essence of the relationship between a father and a son like it has been captured in this 59 seconds video. While skydiving with his father in Poland, the son loses his control and starts spinning uncontrollably mid-air leading to a life threatening situation. His father then approaches him and holds him till he is stable.

Watch the video to see what happened mid-air and how father saves son:

Video Courtesy: Information Online, Daily Mail Online

This video truly signifies that fathers can go to any extend to save their kid’s life.