There is nothing that can define good parenting or bad parenting. Parenting is simple yet complicated. For some parents, it’s a cakewalk but for some, it is a mission to Mars maybe via Jupiter. But, the bottomline is, every child wants to be loved, respected, supported and accepted the way they are or whoever they choose to be. And every parent wants the best for their child and offer them a life they didn’t have or always wanted to have. This thought might clash with the freedom, choices and aspirations of the child.

When a child comes into the world, it knows nothing but the feeling of love and two faces smiling at him/her constantly. These two individual mean the world to the kid. In fact, even after growing up, they are THE WORLD. And thus, every decision always calls for an approval or some kind of support from them.

Here is the video of Mikki Willis, a father of two young boys who says something extraordinary when his elder son Azai, picks a doll instead of a G.I. Joe or may be a Superman, Hulk or a Spiderman. He wasn’t surprised at all! Willis begged to differ over his son’s choice of toy.

Pointing the doll at the camera, he asks, “Now how do you think a dad feels when his son wants to get this?”

Breaking away from overhyped gender stereotyping and clichéd statements like Barbies and dolls are girly things, Willis said THIS:

I let my boys choose their life. We say, yeah, choose it. Choose your expression, choose what you’re into, choose your sexuality, choose whatever. You have my promise here, both of you, as we sit in this hot car, in the parking lot, to love and accept you, no matter what life you choose.

Here’s the video:

Video Courtesy: Mikki Willis

Hope all parents lay a strong foundation like Mikki Willis.