There is an eternal connection between love, sex, relationship, and myth. Anything that is said or written about these things, out of curiosity, we read them and somehow, we easily believe them. After all, who does not want to know what goes inside the minds and hearts of the opposite gender?

The moment puberty kicks in curiosity also grow inside our minds to know what is happening. Is it normal? Does it happen to all? These are some of the common questions that crop up in our head, and here enters the magazines, surveys and articles that give us both information and misinformation.

Some of the information are true but generally most of them are myths. And, here are 4 popular pieces of sex information about men that are actually myths.

#1. Men Can’t Stop Thinking About Sex:

It is a widely circulated piece of information that men think about sex every 7 seconds. But, a recent study by Kinsey Institute proved that this statistic is wrong. The stats of this study show that 54 percent men think about sex each day or many times in a day, 43 percent think several times a month or a week, and 4 percent men think of sex less than once per month. Though, nothing can be said about the exact number in terms of seconds or minutes, but definitely, not once in 7 seconds.

#2. Men Cheat More Than Women Do:

This is often said and believed that men cheat more than women but researchers of Indiana University found that the rate of infidelity among men and women are same. Though the reason of cheating is different for both the genders but it is not okay to say that probability of men cheating on women is more than that of women.

#3. Big Penis = Happy Women:

This one is perhaps the most popular myth of all time and many would like to argue on this due to its widespread belief. But, here is what sexologist, Dr. Prakash Kothari, has to say,

“On an average, the woman’s vagina is between four and six inches. And only the external third of the vagina is sensitive. The inner two-thirds is virtually insensitive. By that logic anything starting from a two-inch penis should be able to arouse a woman. So if you are a man with a small penis, I would advise you to focus on the external genitalia, because that is what matters”

#4. Sex Above Relationship:

All Men Need Is Sex! Not really.

According to Andrew Smiler, professor of psychology, Wake Forest University, emotional and physical intimacy both are more important for men than what usually people like to believe. The professor says,

“The Casanova myth is so deeply ingrained that people are convinced that boys, who claim to want relationships rather than casual sex, are either incredibly rare or full of crap.”

Ladies take note!!!

Story Inputs: Indian Express