Having a great sex life is fantastic and something everyone should have!

However…it takes work. While some people naturally know what to do and say in the bedroom (which is rare), like most things, the majority of us have to work at it. And the only way to work at it is to learn, and practice. I’ve done a lot of research in this industry, and have literally helped THOUSANDS of relationships open up their communication, and have a much more exciting private life.

So for all you women out there who want to have an exciting sex life, I want to share part of my research and offer you a juicy list of some of the dirty words men LOVE to hear. This list was created by asking 50 men what turns them on, so they will hopefully help you score some major points if you use them in the bedroom. Try them out:

‘the BIGGEST…’

‘the BEST…’

‘the NICEST…’

‘c’mere tiger’


‘So good’

‘So strong’


‘Can’t wait’





‘Big boy’


‘…never before’


‘The first time I’ve’

At the end of the day, only you know your guy better than anyone else, so you might want to customize those phrases to work in your situation. And remember, the way which those words are delivered is what makes it so hot. Practice in front of a mirror before you try them out to work out your facial expressions. It’s great practice and you’ll likely entertain yourself!

It’s all about confidence…put some emotion behind those words. Think sexy thoughts and MEAN it! It will come across so hot, and I doubt he’ll last 2 minutes! Give them it a try. For more juicy dirty talk examples don’t forget to check out DirtyTalkTips.com

Evan Michaels

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Source by Evan Michaels