If you have ever been in a relationship where you suspected or knew for sure that your spouse was cheating on you, you have likely asked yourself this question – should I ignore a cheating spouse? The answer to this looks obvious, or does it? The decision to ignore or not ignore a cheating spouse will have ramifications either way. How you handle the situation will depend on what you are prepared to deal with.

The answer that most people would give to this question is an emphatic no. This type of behavior can not be tolerated in a relationship. If you know your spouse is cheating and you do not confront them then you are enabling and fosting a destructive behavior that will have a negative impact on you and your kids (if they are in the equation). Letting your spouse continue in this manner can damage your self-respect and feelings of self-worth. This makes it difficult for you to function as a strong, independent person.

When a spouse is unfaithful they are demonstrating a basic lack of respect for their committed partner. They are disregarding any vow or commitment they made to this person. The act of an infidelity shows that they do not care how they treat you and it speaks volumes about the degree of love they have (or had) for you. Ignoring a cheating spouse demeans you in many ways.

The act of cheating also throws trust in your face. When you are in a committed relationship you extend a level of trust to your partner. You trust that they will be faithful and protect your interests. If your spouse has committed an act of infidelity and you ignore a cheating spouse then you are sending them the message that it is OK for you to lie to me. If you will stand by and take that kind of abuse what else will you tolerate?

In this day, just as important as the points mentioned above one can not ignore the possibility of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases. If you know your spouse is cheating and you ignore it, can you ever be at ease that they are not bringing something potentially life warming into your bed? This would be difficult to overlook and you should not take it lightly when deciding to ignore a cheating spouse.

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Source by Peter Harris