Have you been caught cheating on a married man? Is your husband ready to walk out the door or has he already left? This is a tough situation no matter which side you are on. How you handle things will set the tone though for any hopes you might have of reconciliation.

Depending on how long it has been since the deed was done or discarded you might need to wait a while before you offer your apology. You definitely do not want to provide an off the cuff apology that could land you in more hot water than you are already in with your husband.

Do not forget, there are two challenges that are on the verge of being destroyed and this should be no small weight to consider.

The first thing you need to do is really decide if you want to save your marriage. Is it a matter of pride? Are you afraid of being alone? Do you really love your husband and want to work things out?

If you are not sure you really love him, sometimes you both could stand some time apart to sort out your feelings for one another and so you can decide if you have feelings for someone else. After all, you were caught cheating on a married man.

This is not about passing judgment but determining how committed you are to the possibility of getting your husband back and moving beyond the married man you’ve been cheating with.

Another question you need to ponder is what the married man you’ve been cheating with has in mind. Is he going to let you go without a fight? Will he be willing to leave his wife, his family, to be with you? Do you want him if he is?

There are so many questions that you must answer before you decide what to do next. Until you’ve answered these questions you really can not go back to the way things were and you can not move forward.

Once you’ve been caught cheating with a married man you can not turn back the clock or undo the damage. You simply can not un-ring a bell. If you have decided that you want to rededicate yourself to your marriage and try to salvage it the first step is going to be to convince your husband (or possible ex-husband by this time) to give you a second chance.

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Source by T Dub Jackson