Romance Save Your Marriage

We love fairy tales as they may not be real but they always have good endings. Do you ever wish your marriage to be like that of ‘Cinderella’ or ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’? Doesn’t it take your breath away when the handsome prince comes to the aid of the damsel-in-distress? It is always wonderful to read the last line of the story where it reads, ‘and they lived happily ever after.’

Couples have read or are very familiar with these romantic fairy tales. Life seems so simple for these fairytale characters. How you’d wish the same for your own marriage sometimes! In reality, life is not always smooth going; but that does not mean life is so harsh and difficult that it can break you or your marriage. We can still take lessons from Snow White and Cinderella. As with a bundle of coals, there may yet be some sparks lying dormant in the pile. Try fanning a bit and you might bring life to these dull black coal pieces.

Marriage is like the coal pieces; after some time of excitement with one another, from the first set of eyes on each other to courtship to marriage, the sparks seem to be less at each stage of your relationship. Hence, it is necessary to put back the sparks into your marriage. The fire of love, passion and respect should always be fanned to keep the marriage alive and well, with the coals cackling with sparks.

It is unavoidable that people tend to change for better or for worse through the years and that can affect the marriage. But if one stays alert to the health of the marriage relationship, the changes need not be so drastic and adjustments are possible with good impact. Hence, a married couple should always stay alert to each other’s needs and exercise their authority in bringing back the sparks to fulfil the spouse’s needs. When one spouse takes care of the other, the other will reciprocate similarly and there would be no room for being self-centred.

A married couple can put romance into the marriage with simple gestures of love like saying ‘I love you’ at the right moments, leaving slips of romantic messages for the spouse, preparing a special meal or even just giving your spouse a good massage when he/she is tired out physically.

Going on trips together can do wonders to keep the sparks of passion in a marriage. A lingering kiss or a passionate embrace rekindles the warmth in a relationship which can save your marriage. It need not go downhill. There are many romantic deeds for your consideration; some are mild while others are wild, depending on your cup of tea.

A simple gift on the birthdays or getting the spouse’s favourite food on your own initiative speaks volumes for your love and affection. That is romance in a marriage. Doing things for one another without being told or reminded; pleasant surprises for the spouse warm the heart. Romance need not be dead; it can spark up your marriage!

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