Love is a strangely beautiful yet funny feeling. As much as we like to believe that things like caste, creed, race, religion etc don’t matter in love, there are times that we are reminded otherwise. Article 377 being the recent one.

YouTube channel, BLUSH (yes Kalki Koechlin’s The Printing Machine one), has come out with a new video this Valentine’s Day that beautifully portrays love in all its uniqueness.

The video features 6 individuals who talk about their relationship and partner. Right from how they met, what brought them together to how they fell in love and how things fell into place, it is adorable.

You may think what’s so special about 6 people talking about their love lives on Valentine’s Day, right?

Wait till you watch this video. The end will bring you to tears!

Video Courtesy: BLUSH

Falling in love is no big deal, but being accepted is.