Communication is considered to be one of the most important components of any successful relationship. Yes, true that and there is no denying that two people needs to talk to sort out any difference that might slow poison the relationship. But, like always there are certain things that are too personal or let’s say things that get buried with our last breath. These are the things that need no disclosure in front of anyone including the person you are in a relationship with.

Yes, we are also aware of the fact that while reading this, there are certain things that popped up inside your head that you would not like talk about to your partner. Leaving aside those personal details, here are 5 things that are better left unsaid in any relationship.

#1. Your Uncertainties About The Person:

Okay, so you are in a relationship and you are enjoying the present, but not quite sure where do you see both of you in future; which is absolutely fine. But, saying this to your partner is not fine. Someday this topic might come up but handling it with maturing depending upon your feelings towards that person is the best way to deal with it. But speaking about it without the need will definitely ruin the present of the relationship.

#2. Future Fears About The Relationship:

We all have our fears about how things will be in future. Forget about the uncertainties about the other person, many at times we are not even sure about ourselves. What we want, how we want, whether we really want what we think we want, are a couple of things that we all think every now and then. It is normal to have fears and insecurities, pretty much everyone have them. However, it is better not to speak about them to your partner. These are matters that need to be sorted by you and you only, so putting your partner in an unexplainable situation is not a good idea.

#3. Fantasies Involving Other People:

Fantasizing about other people is not exactly wrong, but talking about those fantasies to your partner can lead to some difficult situation. Simply, you should not allow any third person to be a point of discomfort in a relationship. Sometimes explanations fails to give assurance and to avoid this situation it is better not to talk about fantasies about others.

#4. Talks About Dirty Lingerie:

No one is perfect and no matter how much we love someone, there will always be some or the other aspect of their personality which is hard to embrace. But, talking about it, taunting about it, complaining about it, or mocking about it will not be of any help. In a pretentious world, it is easy to fall in love with a person who seems perfect but being in love with the same person after knowing that he/she snores or smells bad after gym is not easy. Rather than directly talking about such things, it is better to drop hints or if possible help them in a workable manner.

#5. Detailed Family History:

Your partner does not need to know all about your family history including family feuds (unless it is life threatening). What is the point of telling them about some uncle settled in abroad who met you when you were just a kid, or the aunty who you meet only at family functions, or the long distant cousin who is just a stranger whose name you know!

In the contemporary world with endless distractions, it is hard to establish intimacy of thoughts and emotions. Hence, it is important to leave out what is not necessary and focus on what matters.

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