Breakups are hurtful. Period. But being dumped is a different feeling altogether. Coming to terms with the fact a person “left you” can be agonizing especially when you have been the honest and truthful person in the relationship or the reason given is outright ridiculous. Can you imagine someone being dumped for getting a tattoo, or laughing out too loud or maybe not working out as much as the partner? These are not even amusing to say the least. But seriously, these are some of the real reasons behind why some people got dumped. These absolutely sound nonsensical but unfortunately, they are true. Just as we thought we were closing in on the ridicule bit, we realised it didn’t end here.

We found couple of more and nearly died!

If you have been dumped in the past and still feel bad about it, scroll down and you will feel awesome!

#1: Social media for a breakup. Really?

One of the reason she broke up with me: I didn't like her profile pictures.

#2: This one is pure insane.


The most negative reason why they broke up with me is, you're too perfect. Fvck

#3: Wonder if the guy was mixing modelling and relationships!

The guy I was seeing ended things because I wasn't "skinny enough for him"....I wear a size 4.

#4: This is somewhat genuine and makes sense. #JustKidding.


He broke up With me because I prefered marvel Over DC ... Wtf

#5: Can’t handle the fabulousness.

I'm serious, somebody PLEASE explain how I got dumped because I'm "too nice"?!? That's literally what she said!! I always had time for her, always listened, took her on dates, hung out with

#6: This is just weird.


My now ex dumped me cuz I was going to a movie with my brother wtf yes cuz im gonna cheat on you with my brother smh

#7: A futuristic one.

Today I got dumped because he said his mom dosnet like me..... She hasn't meet me yet ...

#8: Re-defining family issues.


My ex's reason for dumping me was "family problems" because having a girlfriend was too much to handle. He had a new girlfriend two days later.

#9: Major fitness goals!

I got dumped because I wasn't into fitness as much as him

#10: Why, o why?


She dumped me because I added her friend she introduced me to on


#11: This is superficially sex-ed up!

My boyfriend just dumped me because he said we have too much sex... Total lie.

All Confession Courtesy: Whisper