Relationship is a beautiful thing, and having a meaningful and long-lasting relationship is what gives meaning to an otherwise mundane life. What is the point of doing and achieving so many things, when there is no one to share your innermost feelings with! What is the point of planning to conquer the world when there is no one to come back home to! What is the need to look good when there is no one to make you feel good!

Being in a love relationship definitely has its benefits that one can not deny, but what matters more than a love relationship is a meaningful, lasting relationship without the fear of being dumped. Such a love comes once in a lifetime, and unless, you are there the best you can do is it prepare yourself to embrace this everlasting feeling of being in a meaningful relationship.

Here are 10 ways to prepare yourself for a meaningful and lasting relationship while you are single and enjoying life.

#1. Be Emotionally Independent:

While you are single and not in a relationship, learn to be emotionally independent but not emotionally detached. We all have those days when we need a pat on the back or at least a simple message that says “You gonna make it!!” to move ahead. When you are alone, these little things that involve emotions happen less often and that teaches one to be emotionally independent. Being an emotionally demanding person makes others uncomfortable and many at times, it leaves people cold feet, thus curtailing the strength and length of any relationship.

#2. Learn To Calm Yourself:

While looking for something lasting in terms of relationship, learn to calm yourself. Being a part of this web-ical world often means losing nerves at the drop off a hat. Where is he/she? Why he/she is not checking my pings or messages? Or, why is he/she not replying are some of the things that often makes us wonder or worry. Believe it or not, most of the arguments among couples these days happen because of some reason associated with social media and connectivity and because one of the person failed to keep calm. So, learn to keep calm even at the worst situation to be someone reliable.

#3. Learn To Have Fun Alone And With People:

A genuine problem with couples is that without the presence of one person the other one feels lots and don’t know how to have fun. From movies to clubbing to dining to going on trips; people bestow dependence on the other person. This leads to compromising or doing something unwillingly that might later on cause trouble in heaven. Thus, learn to have fun alone or with your own set of friends; so that when you find the special one you do not put them into a compromising situation.

#4. Learn To Value “Me Time”:

Respecting your own ‘me time’ means valuing the ‘me time’ of the other person. As much as it is important to communicate and being physically there for each other, it is equally important to understand that a person needs their own time to gather their thoughts and be ready to face the world. This is when “me time” has to be understood and appreciated.

#5. Learn To Value The Presence Of A Special Person:

Valuing the presence of a person and showing that in action is important for any relationship. A person only values the things that he/she does not have and same is the matter with people, you feel them when they are not there. So, learn to value the presence of the special person before they actually come to your life.

#6. Inculcate Your Own Beliefs And Values:

Getting overwhelmed and carried away by someone special and important is really easy. But, holding on to one’s beliefs and value system is not easy, mostly because either we are too confused or we don’t want to think deeper. However, to develop a personality it is important to have beliefs and values that can not be blown away by anyone. People with personality are more attractive than those lacking it.

#7. Understand Nothing Last Forever:

Optimism is a part of single life; someday someone will come and things will fall into the places where it belongs. Nothing lasts forever is a thought that keeps one afloat during these days and it also helps while being in a relation. Knowing and understanding that nothing lasts forever will make one put-in more of everything that is required to make the relationship better.

#8. Learn To Be Happy:

Being happy is difficult and at the same time easy. But, letting someone else handle your happiness makes one vulnerable and puts one into a risky situation. That should not happen. Learn to be happy on your own so that the other person is not in constant pressure to make you smile and happy.

#9. Learn To Forget, If Not Forgive:

Sometimes forgetting is more important and easier than forgiving. It is indeed a good habit to forget certain things that causes nothing but unnecessary thinking. Learn this while you are alone and before the special one arrives.

#10.: Learn To Appreciate What You Have:

The world does not have enough to make one happy and also does not lack anything to make one happy. It is all about the perception and attitude of a person. Learn to appreciate what you have before someone fails to accept you simply because they can not satisfy you.

The bottom line is that lasting relationship is a “work in progress” that requires to people to be patient and willing enough to make it work.